Packaging Solutions for Spirits Companies

Premium Bag and Box Manufacturing has been developing packaging solutions for Spirits companies providing a premium and luxurious unboxing experience.

The Spirits industry is booming, it has shown a rapid growth over the past years. The strongest revenue comes from high-end, premium, and ultra-premium products.

These mentioned products come in gift boxes. We help the brand develop the right box and that’s where we come in play by helping the brand develop the right box that will help tell their users t that tells their unique brand identity.

The Tequila category has had the fastest growth. Their consumers are looking for a more refined and elegant product. Tequila by its denomination can only be distilled in Mexico, conveniently where our manufacturing facility is located.

Premium Bag and Box Manufacturing is strategically located in Northern Mexico, 100 miles south of Laredo, TX.

We consider ourselves the most efficient cost effective premium service innovative company in North America.

Premium Bags And Boxes

Premium Bag and Box Manufacturing is a North American Luxury Packaging Company

Our Premium Method

Delivering Innovative Luxury Packaging Solutions

Conceptual Design

Engineering and Prototyping





From Design to Delivery, we will assure your needs are covered.

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